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Chris Attardo - Swimming Pool Construction & Design Expert

Chris Attardo's Bio:

Chris Attardo has been in the Swimming Pool Construction and Service Industry for Over 30 Years. He started out working for some of the most reputable Swimming Pool Companies in South and Central Florida. He then Moved to New England where swimming pool construction is done just a little bit different then down south due to the frost and winter temperatures. Chris Attardo has worked everything from 2 acre commercial pools with full perimeter gutter system using surge tanks, to a small homeowner’s residential vinyl liner pool kit. Chris Attardo is an expert in Gunite, Shotcrete, Pool Plaster, as well as Pool Design. Chris Attardo has been involved with the design and building of over 1500 swimming pools in his career. As well Chris has also renovated 1000’s of swimming pool over the years. Everything from older concrete pools built in the early 40s and 50s, to newer gunite commercial pools built with substandard materials and building procedures that need to be corrected. design and consultation specialized expertise and in-depth understanding of the many systems involved in the complex operation of waterparks, swimming pools, hot tubs, spray pads, and therapy facilities. Chris Attardo success through transference of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of great minds in the areas of marketing, sales, and business systems for the Swimming Pool Industry. Give Chris Attardo a call today for Swimming pool Construction advice.

Chris Attardo's Interests & Activities:

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